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D. Vulgaris

  Desulfovibrio vulgaris  
Protein Complex Analysis Project

Mark Biggin, Principal Investigator (Life Sciences Division)

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This project aims to characterize microbes under stress response to conditions commonly found in U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) metal and radionuclide contaminated sites, with an emphasis on high-throughput analysis of microbial multi-protein complexes. The project integrates microbiology (production of tagged protein expression strains and biomass production), multi-protein complex isolation and identification by mass spectrometry, imaging multi-protein complexes by electron microscopy, and computational analysis and modeling that seeks to understand how these complexes control a microorganism’s ability to survive in relevant contaminated environments while reducing metals and radionuclides. Data production and analysis methods will be automated to establish a pipeline that can analyze the majority of stable multi-protein complexes in a microbe as well as a number of unstable complexes. The project, awarded in October 2005, will build on the research and infrastructure of an on-going Genomics:GTL project “Rapid deduction of stress response pathways in metal and radionuclide bacteria” that established the Virtual Institute for Microbial Stress and Survival (VIMSS).

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